Small wedding venue at castle - Saloons

Bojnice castle is though efficient also for smaller groups up to 30 people. 2 saloons are just the right venue for a small wedding like this. Square and round shape saloons are interconnected inbetween and also connected with a kitchen and long terrace just suitable for your entrance, aperó or welcome drink. Guests will appreciate the fresh air during the night reception and free space to rest from the music playing inside.

In case of a big wedding, the saloons are just ideal as the bufet and the rest places. Enjoy your castle wedding venue with as much room as you need.

Wedding Venue – Castle Saloons – Pictures

Wedding Venue – Castle Saloons – Video

Watch the short panoramas of the Wedding Venue Castle Saloon 1 and Wedding Venue Castle Saloon 2, Bojnice castle, Slovakia.

Seating Capacity of the Saloons:  Square Saloon: up to 30 people / Round Saloon: up to 20 people

Terrace: app. 200m2

Seating plans of your wedding venue at Bojnice castle: Saloons – Round Tables Seating plan       Saloons – Square Tables Seating plan

We plan and take care of every detail  of your small wedding at Bojnice castle Saloons for you to enjoy your wedding in full. Contact us for more info.

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Eva & Vijay

Hindu-Slovak wedding in Bojnice 17th Ju

Juliana & John

Wedding at Bojnice castle 27th of May 2