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Baby friendly wedding

Will babies and children take part on your wedding day? We take care to make your wedding nice experience also for them. Baby sitting makes the day calm and funny also for children.
Childrens corner full of toys, different games and competitions and truthworthy baby sitters makes your guests feel free to celebrate with you. On the same time their children will be happy playing close to them.
As babies need to sleep sooner as the party ends, baby sitters take care also in this point. So the parents don´t miss interesting program.
Are you afraid of the language barrier? No worries, we are ready to handle also this situation.

If you still hesitate whether to invite families with children for your wedding party, you don´t need to worry anymore. There won´t be mess and noise everywhere. Babysitting for wedding is for sure the solution that helps you and your guests to celebrate how you dream. In the same time it makes your wedding baby friendly. :o)

Our baby friendly service for your wedding includes:

♥ spacious suite with baby cot or extra bed
♥ high chair by the table
♥ table for children
♥ kids menu
♥ child dessert, mini cakes or candy bar
♥ baby sitters – individual or for more children
♥ childrens corner full of toys
♥ games, competitions, dancing and taking part on party
♥ pram or special diet are not a problem too

If you are having a baby yourself, we take care of him/ her too. Personal baby sitter will allow you to join your day in full and even to have your baby close to you all day round. Don´t hesitate if you or your guests need any of the mentioned services. Just let us know , we take care. We´ll be glad to prepare an unforgetable day for you and your juniors. Baby sitting during the wedding day is the ideal solution how to celebrate free, with no worries about your babies.

We think of babies too!

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