Symbolic wedding


In case it is not easy for you to get your Legal Documents ready in a short time or you just can´t travel so often, try symbolic wedding.

Have your official wedding in a Town Hall in your residence town and come to celebrate your symbolic wedding to the castle environment.

Symbolic wedding advantages

Symbolic wedding is the type of wedding with no documentation needy. That´s why it is not legally binding. Everything else is the same as for civil ceremony type.

♥ Easy for you – no docs needy
♥ Save your money – for documentation, verifying and translations of documents
♥ Arriving just for the Day – no need to come to document in advance
♥ The same ceremony – guests don´t know it´s unofficial
♥ Any venue available – doesn´t need to be in official venue
♥ Personalizing your ceremony  – ceremony programme set to your dreams

Symbolic wedding offers you

♥ Castle ceremony
♥ Princess reception
♥ Gorgeous environment
♥ Great atmosphere
♥ Details to your measure
♥ All inclusive service

Celebrate your wedding vows without the documentation stress. We help you to prepare your day all inclusive and enjoy it in all.