Marrying a foreigner


You´ve decided to seal your love with the marriage pledge and you look forward to it already now. Just to the moment you realise your fiance is a foreigner. Then it starts:

♥ Legal documents and its´ organisation abroad seems to be a night mare.
♥ You live abroad and don´t have many possibilities and time to travel.
♥ You have no idea where to start and how to continue.
♥ Problems with the offices and permissions start.
♥ You have a feeling it´s too complicated, almost impossible.

Marrying a foreigner in Slovakia

It would be a pity to give up the wedding because of the legalities. No worries, marrying a foreigner is realistic all around the globe, so why not here. We´ll be glad to discuss your individual situation with you and recommend the procedure to your measure.

♥ we recommend the legal documents and steps needy in case you are marrying a foreigner in Slovakia
♥ we recommend the efficient details connected with specialities of Slovak weddings with foreigners (f.ex. Slovak suffix of a female surname)
♥ we arrange the translations of the legalities by the certified authority
♥ we arrange the translations of the wedding ceremony when marrying a foreigner by the translator
♥ we help you to verify and translate the Wedding certificate after your wedding

We´ll assist you with the whole documentation process needy for your wedding when marrying a foreigner . So you need to come to Slovakia only once in advance and enjoy your Pre-wedding trip in all. Then you just come to say “Yes, I do” on your wedding day.

You have no possibility to come to Slovakia even once before you marry a foreigner but you still want to celebrate at the castle? Then try symbolic wedding ceremony and enjoy your day with no legalities needy.

Wedding ceremony with foreigner

When marrying a foreigner in Slovakia, your wedding ceremony will have the same consequence as the ceremony of Slovak nationals. Wedding ceremony will be held in official language of the country – Slovak language, translated into your mother thong.

For the needy legal documents for your wedding ceremony with foreigner read more Legal Documents or please contact the agency .
Each country has the own Legal acts and procedures of issuing and receiving the legalities. Please inquire in your home country offices how to proceed.

Civil wedding ceremony contracted in Slovakia with a foreigner has the legal validity also in foreign countries.

For more info about marriage with a foreigner contact us now.