Documents Wedding Package


Short and Simple Wedding

Romantic stay with legal ceremony

No Documentation hassle

If you plan just small wedding like eloping or last minute wedding in two and you need help with the Legalities, this package is made for you.

In case you are marrying a foreigner and have no idea where to start with your wedding documentation process, choose this package too.

Documents Wedding Package includes

(Available only with other wedding arrangements for weddings in Bojnice)

♥ assistance in providing the Legal documents required for the civil wedding ceremony in Slovakia
♥ arranging the translator for the documents and interpreter for your wedding ceremony
♥ booking the wedding date and venue for your wedding
♥ arranging all needy venue rental arrangements
♥ providing witnesses if required
♥ assistance by visiting the offices in Slovakia
♥ help with verifying and translating your wedding certificate after the wedding

Documents Wedding Package does not include

♥ Office fees (depending on town of ceremony)
♥ Venue rent fees (depending on ceremony venue)


Final price depends on your requirements. Require for the price today!

Tell us your demands and wishes and we´ll be glad to prepare the wedding package to suit you.

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