Wedding organising


Where to start?

What to count with?

How to organise and enjoy at the same time?

Wedding planner is the answer!

Your wedding is a Big Day for you and whole your family too. Everyone wants to contribute with something and you want your day to appeal perfect. And what covers the wedding organising in all?

Wedding organising is not only a pleasure, but also a lot of duties. Except of the choosing the fabulous wedding dress, beautiful decorated tables, arranging the wedding menu and wedding flower arrangements…it is necessary to take care of administration and documentation of the wedding ceremony, organisation of the transport and accommodation, wedding stationery, sending out the wedding announcements, file the invited wedding guests and solve many of their demands and changes and… there is a lot what is necessary to plan, prepare and manage the way that your idea of beautifully spent wedding day would be fulfilled. From our wedding organising experience, it is needy to plan, prepare, organise and control at about 50 points. Each of these points needs preparation, organisation, filling the files, sending e-mails, phone calls and above all a few personal meetings with all the vendors. As you can imagine wedding organising brings also a lot of stress and uncomfortable situations.

Wedding organising options

We help you with wedding organising in destination Slovakia partially or completely.
So what to do yourself and what to confide to a wedding planner?

As long as you have an opportunity to arrange for example fly tickets, music or your wedding gown on your own, just go for it. Other wedding arrangements rely on your wedding planner.

In case you prefer more comfortable and complex solution, just tell us your wishes and demands. We´ll be glad to handle your wedding organising in destination Slovakia for you and you´ll be glad to enjoy it. When you and your family want to savor your wedding without any troubles, then complete wedding organising in hands of professional wedding planner is the right one for you. Tailor maid wedding will allow you and your family to enjoy your day fully and happily.

Professional Wedding organising Advantages

What is so special when the wedding planner organises your wedding day?

Professional wedding planner thinks of every detail. You don´t need to worry about missing anything. Our approach to every client is personal, our recommendations come out from your demands and our experience. We fulfil your ideas. Your wedding in destination Slovakia will be as you wish it, not as the rest of your family does.

Whether you ask for anything – partially or completely, we handle your wedding organising serious to help you to feel

A princess for a day…

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