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Church wedding decorations

Dreaming of the church wedding since being a little girl? Church is the place where your wedding decorations will appeal even more wedding like. And then comes the moment when all the guests are on their places, Groom waits in front of the altar and You… enter. Isle laid out with rose petals, decorated benches, great flower arrangements on the altar and white chairs for you and your beloved. After leaving the church the petals again, this time in cones from hand-made paper or rise for happiness…

Church wedding decorations give the place festive character and make the moment amazing and atmosphere unforgettable.

Venue wedding decorations

Small or large, simple or spectacular, stony or under the marquee. Each room looks different when being decorated. Venue wedding decoration is the item that your wedding venue shouldn´t miss. Amazing venue wedding decoration can change even simple or elder room into unique space suitable for the fabulous moments.

Wedding at the castle, manor house or in a white party marquee, in the hotel, restaurant or in exterior – nice venue wedding decorations emphasises the pros and hides the antis of the place.

Whether you prefer artificial or fresh flower arrangements, balloon decorations, different accessories – candles, napkins, rose petals, small colourful stones… the choice is just yours. Simple or sophisticated, theme like or classical, your venue wedding decoration will be always special and unique.

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Car wedding decorations

Doesn´t depend on the mean of transport that brings you to your wedding ceremony. Each one is worth to be decorated. Car wedding decorations doesn´t need to be complicated or sophisticated. Flower arrangements from artificial or fresh flowers, ribbons or flowers split over the front lid, Just married plate and many other tiny trendy possibilities make your car look special. Your car wedding decoration let people know your wedding company is coming.

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