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Your wedding menu is one of the most important items of your wedding day. Proper wedding menu makes the company sated and puts them in a good mood. That´s why it is important that your wedding menu will be chosen with proper decency.
Your wedding menu may consist of the following:

Welcome refreshment

Welcome your guests by the arrival with something small. Sparkling wine and canapés just before the ceremony enable your guests to meet and greet. Welcome refreshment facilitate the guests to meet and leave for the ceremony in a company. Welcome menu joint with traditions gives your wedding traditional atmosphere.
Welcome refreshment might be offered also just after the ceremony, sooner than the company enters the reception.
Welcome wedding menu might be served on trays by the waiters or on a buffet. Enrich your wedding menu with something small at the beginning and your guests will attend the ceremony or the party in good-fellowship.

Main wedding menu

Main wedding menu is served after the ceremony. Main wedding menu in Slovakia is mostly served and consists of more courses depending on your choice. Basic main wedding menu begins with aperitif, continues with starter, then comes the soup, which the couples east together with one spoon from one plate – as the symbol of sharing in mutual household. Afterwards the main course comes. At the end is digestif, coffee and sweet course, which is mostly the wedding cake. Main wedding menu might offer also more starters and the courses might be divided by the middle course – something small. Main wedding menu might be served also on a buffet. This more modern way of serving the meals makes more comfortable atmosphere and makes your wedding a friendly party.
According to the number of courses and way of serving the meals it is necessary to count with relevant time for serving your wedding menu.

Midnight wedding menu

Midnight or other wedding menu is the next course of your wedding menu. Midnight or other wedding menu in Slovakia is served just around the midnight. This wedding menu may be served or buffet style. Midnight wedding menu as a buffet is still more popular. This way of serving the meals offers the guests not only larger choice of meals, but also to choose the time when to eat and savor. This freedom in serving the other wedding menu allows your guests to enjoy the party and in the same time to refresh themselves when it suits them the best. Midnight wedding menu may consist of warm and cold dishes, salads, sweets, desserts, fruits, pastry and many others. Midnight wedding menu served on a buffet might be available till the end of the wedding party.

Other options of your wedding menu:

Rehearsal Dinner


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