Wedding Stationery


Wedding announcements/ invites

Wedding announcement is the first sign of your wedding celebration. Wedding announcement predicates a lot about the style of your wedding. For example gentle wedding announcement is the omen of a romantic wedding, wedding announcement with historical motif gives notice of the wedding in a historical place, wedding announcement with joyful motive or writing says that you don´t consider your wedding as the celebration full of formal ceremonies, modern wedding announcement invites for an interesting party and classic wedding announcement for sure spoilt anything.
Your wedding announcement is the first stationery that gives your wedding the direction. That´s why it is convenient when your wedding announcement answers the motive of your wedding.
Set the proper course already at the beginning. Your wedding announcement is the right initiation.

Other wedding stationery

Except the wedding invitations we prepare also following wedding stationery for you:

♥ Information cards or RSVPs to wedding announcements
♥ Welcome cards for the guest rooms
♥ Menu cards
♥ Drinks cards
♥ Programme cards
♥ Thank you cards
♥ Seating plan – Big format
♥ Name cards
♥ and others according to your wish

Format and design of all the stationery will be adjusted the style of your wedding.

Wedding invites Catalogue

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