Wedding coordinator


No idea where to start?

How to have every minute of your Big Day under control?

Is the Day really the end of the whole planning?

Your wedding coordinator thinks of each needy detail  – from the wedding stationery, ring pillow, baby high chairs, special diets and many other things to make your day complete, special and stress free.

Wedding coordinator will accompany you whole day through and even sooner – from your arrival to Slovakia, till your departure. She/ He takes care even of your guests not allow them to feel lost in different country. Our experienced and English speaking coordinators keep an eye to every detail to ensure the perfect day that you will remember.

Wedding Coordinator arrangements include 

Before ceremony coordination service:

♥ consultations (personal, via phone, skype, e-mail)
♥ visiting the locations and venues
♥ contacting the suppliers
♥ elaborating the wedding day schedule for you and all vendors
♥ distributing the welcome cards, maps and materials to the hotels where you and your guests stay
♥ organising Rehearsal dinner, Hen Party, Wellness for Ladies or other programme

Wedding Day coordination service: 

♥ saluting the guests
♥ coordination of accommodation
♥ familiarizing the guests with the programme of ceremony and reception
♥ decorating the wedding cars and other vehicles
♥ assistance with photographic arrangements
♥ witness if needed
♥ receiving and supervision of the gifts
♥ seating plan organisation
♥ assistance to Bride & Groom in their final preparations
♥ suppliers´ coordination
♥ coordination of departure
♥ coordination of the final transport (in case of mutual transport)
♥ give aways coordination
♥ supervision of the time schedule on the Day
♥ solving the problems on place

Coordinator has the “first aid kit”, which includes all needy things for case of emergencies.

 After party coordination service:

♥ packing and returning the rented stock and decorations
♥ returning the wedding dress to the saloon (if rented in Slovakia)
♥ organising After party, Trips in Slovakia
♥ sending out Thank You cards
♥ assistance in the changes of the documents after marriage
♥ arranging the documents in Slovakia, which are required by the authorities, on your behalf with the letter of attorney (if possible)


Wedding Coordinator services price depends on your requirements and length of stay on place. Require for the price today!

Tell us your demands and wishes and we´ll be glad to prepare the wedding package to suit you.

When to hire a wedding coordinator?

We recommend hiring a wedding coordinator for the smooth course of your wedding day especially in following cases:

♥ bigger group wedding
♥ wedding at the castle
♥ foreign group wedding – when marrying a foreigner
♥ wedding with a special programme
♥ all inclusive wedding
♥ eloping wedding with a baby
♥ tailor maid wedding

IMPULS Wedding Coordinator helps you to plan your wedding in destination Slovakia the way you can relax and enjoy your day. And you still will be a perfect hostess for your guests. Your wedding with us will be under the control from the beginning to the end, so you may feel

A princess for a day…