Wedding cake


Delicious and sweet

Amazing and fabulous

Good looking titbit

Wedding cake is a MUST!

Wedding cake is the one that can´t be missed on your wedding. It´s a big peace of tradition, even though it might look modern, and according to the tradition you´d like to share the cake with your guests.
One tier, more tiers or cup cakes. Chocolate, nut or fruit cake. Size and fillings are your choice. Wedding cake decorated with marzipan or fresh flowers and your wedding decorations will fit and match. Fairy-tale wedding cake that everybody expects will be the proper finish of your wedding menu. Your wedding cake from our cake producer will be made according to your wish. And you´ll just simply love it!

Wedding cake like this may be also yours – let yourself inspire

Sweets, cakes and take aways for guests
Cup cake tower

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