Wedding sweets and take aways


Wedding without sweets and cakes would be as the meal without salt. Tasty home made wedding sweets and cakes can´t miss on your wedding. Fresh ingredients and traditional procedures are the guarantee that your wedding sweets and cakes won´t be left aside. Let your Mums and Grand Mums relax. Order your wedding sweets and cakes and look forward to your wedding without troubles. We help you to avoid the problems how and where to store, transport, move…your cakes and we take care your wedding sweets and cakes will be really sweet experience of your wedding.

Treets for wedding guests

Would you like to gift something special to your guests? Something tasty and sweet? Take aways for guests are still in. We are glad to prepare for you and your guests take aways – consumable and non-consumable :o). Take aways may include decorated cake box with cakes, wine or some other drink with personalised label, box with hand-made chocolate truffles or sugar almonds, small bag with historical coin, hand-made ginger breads with your initials or names, date and wedding venue and many other interesting sundries. Take aways with sweets and cakes we prepare, pack and decorate for you. You just gift them to your guests. No troubles with packaging, storing, transferring …Think of your take aways already now. We´ll be glad to assist you.

Special cakes for the Special dance with Bride

According to the old Slovak tradition the special dance with the Bride takes place at about the midnight. It is the possibility for all wedding guests to dance with the Bride. After dance everyone gets the sweet titbit and something to drink. Give your guests after your dance nice sweets, small cup cake, hand-made ginger breads or delicious yoghurt minidessert. Cakes, cup cakes or ginger breads for the Special dance with the Bride might be decorated with – rings, hearts, your initials and date of your wedding or something from your wedding decorations. Cute and tasty cakes, cup cakes or ginger breads for the Special dance with the Bride make this tradition even more special and everyone will enjoy the dance much more.

Wedding Ginger breads

Wedding Ginger breads are small, cute and traditional Slovak souvenirs for your guests. Used for more occasions wedding Ginger breads are nice accessory for your wedding table decoration. With names of guests serve as name cards, with your initials or names and date of your wedding might be gifted to your guests as a take away. Decorated wedding Ginger breads find their place also by gifting the guests by the special dance with Bride. Choose your style of wedding Ginger breads for your guests here

♥ Ginger Breads Gallery 

Name cards to eat

Ginger breads, mini cakes, cup cakes, muffins… don´t need to be only ordinary part of the wedding buffet. You may give them special task. Serving as name cards and in the same time as the gift for your guests gives them special multiple task. So you get 2 in 1 and also make your wedding table decorations special. Name card to eat will be different and please your guests. Serve your guests name cards to eat . You´ll see it will be successful step from the beginning.

Cup cake tower

A few stories tower from small cup cakes is just must have for your wedding. Fitted to the whole decoration and gorgeous in details, cup cake tower is just made from the top quality ingredients and perfect recepies. Looking ideal it´s hard to believe it´s real and even sooo tasty. You just must try it! Cup cake tower is a sweet beauty with delicious taste for all gourmets that will for sure attract all your guests.

Cup cake tower

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