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Civil wedding Ceremony for you

Civil wedding ceremony in Slovakia is possible also with no residence requirements. You may marry in Slovakia in following cases, the only difference is in Legal Documents requirements. Your Civil wedding ceremony in Slovakia is possible if you are:

♥ Slovak citizens
♥ Slovak citizen and foreigner
♥ Foreigners

Slovak official wedding ceremony is possible not only for Slovak citizens but also for foreigners.

After verifying and legalisation in your country, your official wedding in Slovakia will be fully recognized. There is no other type of wedding ceremony required to legalise your wedding in your country.

For more info about the Legal Documents please read also FAQs.

Civil Wedding Ceremony at Bojnice castle

Ceremony takes place at Bojnice castle Golden Hall.

♥ Legal Documents are required to submit at least 14 days prior the wedding.
♥ Civil wedding Ceremony takes app. 20 minutes.
♥ 2 witnesses are required.
♥ Civil wedding ceremony is conducted by an authority of the Municipal Office and Registry Office member.
♥ Ceremony is performed in Slovak language, translated into the language of the Bride and Groom if required.
♥ Castle civil ceremony is divided into official part and programme with live music, live singing and poems.
♥ Official part of the ceremony is a must, followed by exchanging marriage vows, wedding rings and kisses.
♥ Official wedding certificate in Slovak language is the proof of the civil ceremony held in Slovakia. Marriage certificate can be verified by the Authority and translated into the language of the country of following use to be legally binding.
♥ You also receive a Memory Certificate proving your Wedding at Bojnice castle.
♥ Civil ceremony in Golden Hall ends with toast for the young couple and closest family.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Packages

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