1. How do we get started?

It is very simple. Read the instructions How to book your wedding and contact us. IMPULS – Wedding Agency will help you to feel A princess – for a day

2. How much in advance shall we consider booking the wedding date?

We would strongly recommend booking your wedding date minimum 6 – 9 months in advance. The wedding dates at Bojnice castle are influenced by the events that take place at the castle. Following year dates are due since October when the scenario of the next year events is completed.

The main wedding season in Slovakia is between May and October.

3. Are last minute weddings also possible?

Yes, last minute weddings are possible. However, it is necessary to consider that the last minute possibilities are restricted.

4. How many personal visits are necessary?

The only one. During this visit we discuss the basic requirements and sign an agreement. Everything else is possible to arrange by using an e-mail. For more info click here.

5. May I order only whole package „Complete wedding arrangements“ or is also partially arrangement possible?

Your order exactly what you need. If you are interested only in some of the services, order just those. If you need to discuss your questions, help, ideas or contacts, make an arrangement for the consultation. Our wedding coordinator will be glad to assist you and recommends you the best suppliers.

6. Are there any legal requirements in Slovak Republic?

For a complete list of paperwork is in the section (Legal documents)

7. What is the language of the ceremony?

All civil and church ceremonies are in Slovak language and are translated into English or into your native language.

8. Do we need a visa to enter the Slovak Republic?

Visa for citizens of all EU countries is not required. For citizens of USA and recently Canada and Australia, visas are also not required. For citizens of any other country we would strongly advise you to confirm the travel arrangements with Slovak Embassy in your country, or IMPULS – Wedding Agency would be happy to provide you with up-to-date information.

9. What is the security situation in the Slovak Republic?

It is generally advised to travel to Slovak Republic. There are no security warnings and threats associated with the country and we strongly encourage all couples intending to marry in Bojnice and Slovakia to consider this prime location as their dream destination.

10. Are there any health checks required in order to marry in Slovak Republic?

Neither health checks nor any medical documentation are required by the Slovak law.

 11. Do we have to have a blood test?

No, blood tests are not required by Slovak law.

12. What are the payment terms and conditions?

The fee for the consultation about your requirements and specific services is due at the meeting. In case you decide to sign an Agreement of Services Supply for Complete Wedding Arrangement with IMPULS – Wedding Agency, the consultation fee will be refunded to you.

The non-refundable deposit is due upon the confirmation of the wedding ceremony and booking. The whole payment is usually carried out in several instalments. You can see on your invoice for what you pay and how much you pay. Full payment is due 1 day prior the wedding date.

The payments are in most cases made by a secure bank transfer or in cash. All bank fees connected with the payments of the instalments are payable by client.

13. Is it possible to perform a pre-wedding trip to the ceremony and celebration venues?

Yes, pre-wedding visits are possible. According to your requirements we create a one day program for you. Pre-wedding visit allows the client together with his personal wedding coordinator to visit the possible ceremony and celebration venues. For more details please click here.

14. Can you arrange transport and transfers for the guests?

IMPULS – Wedding Agency is happy to assist you with transportation recommendations. We can arrange the air tickets, transfers from/to the airport, bus or microbus transfer to/from the reception venue.

15. Can you arrange accommodation locally or do we have to find the hotel ourselves?

IMPULS – Wedding Agency is happy to assist you with accommodation recommendations for the young couple, parents, guests or when coming for pre-wedding trip. Just provide us with your requirements.

16. What is the Tailor-maid wedding?

Tailor-made wedding is personalized event prepared according to your wishes. It is not a set package that could be chosen by many pairs. It is made especially for you. Your Wedding Coordinator will advise you to choose the best venue, menu, flower selection etc. for you to feel A princess – for a day.

17. Is it possible to marry at Bojnice castle also when we already had an official ceremony abroad?

Yes. You may pas „Newly-weds acceptance“. It is not a wedding ceremony in all intents and purposes but the ceremony is almost the same.

This is also good opportunity for the couples for who it is easier, cheaper and more efficient to get married in abroad. At Bojnice castle they pass „Newly-weds acceptance“ ceremony and have a wedding reception.

18. We would like to contribute to some nice and valuable wedding gifts for our friends. We just don´t like to give them neither money nor anything material. Could you help us?

Gift an original present that won´t go down with dust is probably a dream of everyone. Gift an experience. Try to gift „Wedding Miles“ – cheque for Honeymoon that can be chosen by newly-weds according to their wishes. They will be thankfull for sure.

19. Can you arrange the wedding anniversary with a vow renewal?

Yes. You may choose any combination of our services. We will be happy to assist you with your romantic celebration and any programme according to your wishes.

Stag and Hen weekends are also possible.

20. Can I give the Vows renewal package to my parents as a gift?

Sure. What a great idea. Bojnice castle is the most romantic and the most visited castle in Slovakia. We are sure they will love it. Except the celebration we can arrange also free time activities or short trips.

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