Wedding Packages Abroad


Do you prefer only small help at the beginning?

Would you like to organise some wedding things on your own?

Or you want to enjoy your wedding day in full?

We have an answer for everyone. Wedding Packages Abroad are comfortable and effective way how to plan your wedding abroad simply and stress free. From the Legal Documents at the beginning to the Documentation after the ceremony we handle with every detail in between. Our Wedding Packages Abroad offer you all you need in proper dosage. Every package is even possible to adjust your specific needs.

♥ Documents only Wedding Package – is suitable in case you need help only with Legalities in Slovakia. Mostly used in cases when marrying a foreigner.

♥ Basic Wedding Package – this package helps you to plan a standard wedding abroad and can be adjusted with additional arrangements.

♥ All inclusive Wedding Package – is the most comfortable Wedding Package Abroad for those who want to have perfect wedding with no stress. With this package even the planning will be nice experience for you.

♥ Eloping Wedding Package – small and quick wedding abroad you can have easily with Eloping Wedding Package Abroad.

♥ Vows Renewal Package – if you´ve decided to enjoy romance after years and renew your vows, choose this package abroad.

♥ Tailor maid wedding – to suit all your dreams, Tailor maid Wedding Package Abroad will make your dreams true.

♥ Wedding coordinator – can be the part of any of your wedding. Coordinator helps you to enjoy your day and not forget any detail.

Choose from the Wedding Packages Abroad the one that suits your demands the best. And contact us to talk about the details. We´ll be glad to assist you in planning your wedding abroad from the beginning to your honeymoon. So you can feel

A princess for a day…

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