Wedding ceremony in Slovakia

Wedding ceremony in Slovakia

Wedding ceremony is the official part of the wedding day. As it is the most important of it all, it should be planned in every detail. Doesn´t matter whether the wedding ceremony is official, church or symbolic, walking down the aisle brings the same feeling in every case. And not only that. Flowers and decorations, music and songs, poems, venue, Bridesmaids and ushers, venue layout and seating…every part of the wedding ceremony has its´ special meaning and creates the atmosphere. That´s why each step should be planned properly.

If you are still thinking of where to start with planning your wedding, try wedding ceremony type. We offer you following possible wedding ceremonies that you may have in Slovakia:

♥ Civil wedding ceremony
♥ Symbolic wedding
♥ Church wedding
♥ Marrying a foreigner
♥ Eloping

Any wedding ceremony you decide for will be original and only yours. We help you to choose not only the proper venue, but also nice people to create an unforgettable atmosphere. So you can live the moment and your guests can remember your fairy-tale wedding ceremony for ever.

Feel a princess for a day…

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