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Castle wedding in TOP 3 castle in Europe!

Middle Europe is the part of the world with long history. This piece of land offers you many historical sites like castles, many of them suitable for the castle weddings in Europe. Historical castles and manor houses in Europe hide in their walls history and romantics. No doubt they are much-sought-for romantic stays and castle weddings.

Castle wedding in Europe is not only a romantic venue wedding. Castle weddings in European castles, offer you unforgettable atmosphere, beautiful cuisine, nice people and quality service for your dreamed wedding at the castle. Slovakia, a small country in the Middle Europe, has more over 200 castles. Some of them are suitable for the castle weddings.

We are glad to offer you TOP 3 castle in Europe for your castle wedding in Slovakia. Wedding arrangements according to your wish, customized to every detail, make your castle wedding in Europe really fabulous and you may feel

A princess for a day…

Castles and Manor houses for your castle wedding in Middle Europe – Slovakia:

♥ Bojnice castle – the most romantic castle in Middle Slovakia for your castle wedding
♥ Cerenany Manor House – Renaissance style manor house for your wedding in a small castle in Middle Slovakia

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