Why to marry in Slovakia

10 reasons why to get married in Slovakia

  1. Middle of Europe – member of European Union – Slovakia as your wedding destination is the part of Europe, what means the Legalities are almost the same as in other European countries.
  2. Pleasant climate – Slovakia as your wedding destination has a pleasant climate whole year through – colourful spring, hot summer, mild autumn and snowy winter offer you beautiful wedding atmosphere of your destination wedding in Slovakia any time of the year.
  3. Interesting history – Slovakia is an interesting wedding destination not only because of it´s long history. Small country in the middle Europe has survived ages and is still alive.
  4. Beautiful nature – your wedding destination Slovakia offers beautiful nature for the ceremony, reception, pictures and trips. Spend a weekend in wedding destination in Middle Europe – Slovakia and you´ll want to spend more.
  5. Romantic historical places – possible for wedding ceremony and reception – your destination wedding in Slovakia might take place in many beautiful historical places with the real taste of history.
  6. Delicious meals – nice cuisine is very important part of your wedding. Slovak cuisine is beautiful and various in tastes. Your wedding in destination Slovakia will taste good for sure.
  7. Quality accommodation – let us help you to spend nice time in nice hotels, castles and manor houses during your wedding or honeymoon in your wedding destination Slovakia.
  8. Nice people – wedding is also about hospitality. Wedding destination Slovakia is very hospitable country. Feast your guests on a wedding in a country of nice people. They´ll like it.
  9. Organisation via e-mail – we are flexible to help you with all the organisation of your wedding in destination Slovakia via e-mail. Just e-mail us from comfort of your home. We´ve got all pictures, samples and ideas in computer. Your destination wedding in Slovakia is prepared in your comfort.
  10. Good Deal – do you search for a destination wedding in a nice quality and good value? Then Slovakia wedding destination is the right for you. Our motto is not The cheapest – the best. We offer you very good service in a reasonable price.

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