Garden Wedding Reception


Prefer outdoor wedding?

Dreaming of hot summer romance under the stars?

Like midnight BBQ?

Garden wedding

reception is ideal type of wedding in summer period. And you may enjoy it as a destination wedding in Slovakia .

Garden wedding reception allows you to savor the moment of the pleasant summer weather and make your wedding menu special. Natural wedding decorations will appeal free and easy and still wedding like. Light wedding dress will change you to a fairy to remember. Romantic atmosphere of your garden wedding reception in destination Slovakia will be underlined by the special lighting of the fountain, trees or burning torches. Count the stars, dance by the moonlight and enjoy it all. In your garden wedding reception everything is allowed.

Garden wedding reception in destination Slovakia must consider also bad weather option. We recommend securing against the weather changes in advance. Wedding marquee is the right choice for your wedding dress not to get wet and your smile not to get frozen.

And for you to feel

A princess – for a day …

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