How it works

Planning the Trip – IMPULS – Wedding Agency will work with you prior to your visit in order to realize the best venues to fit your needs based on your wishes and our experience. We will arrange all the necessary appointments and meetings with all the venues to ensure a smooth and informative day.

Length of the Trip – We can meet you for your Pre-Wedding Trip for up to 8 hours. During these 8 hours, we can visit several ceremony locations and we can visit different ceremony categories (castle and civil and/or church) in addition to more reception venues. It may also be possible to visit several local and special hotels, restaurants, places to eat before and after your wedding, and apartments.

Number of visited venues – the number of visited venues depends on their distance. In case you decide to visit more venues in difference locations, the Trip might be divided into more days. We will let you know in advance.

Number of people – price of the Trip is calculated for 2 persons. In case you plan to take your relatives or friends with you, please inform us in advance to book an extra car.

Transport – We can book air tickets and arrange transfers from/to the airport for you. We arrange all the transfers during the day as well.

Accommodation – if you decided to visit Slovakia for more days or the Pre-Wedding Trip should last more days, we can arrange accommodation for you.

Time to eat – during the Pre-Wedding Trip, the lunch is arranged for you.

Shall you decide to hire IMPULS – Wedding Agency for the wedding services, 30% of the Pre-Wedding Trip cost will be refunded to you by appropriate portion from the overall budget of the trip.

Booking in advance is required. It is ideal to book at least 30 days prior. The best time for your visit is November -April (we are less busy with weddings).

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