Wedding marquee


Untraditional and interesting venue

Romantic or any type of decoration

Party and summer atmosphere

That´s your wedding in a wedding marquee!

If you prefer wedding ceremony under the blue sky and variable wedding hall in a garden or external environment, try garden wedding reception . To celebrate stress free from weather changes, assure the day by the wedding marquee.

Wedding marquee advantages

♥ shelter for outdoor wedding – white wedding marquee will shelter you not only from unexpected summer storm but also from the summer heat. Will allow you to dine, save from insects and will create a romantic atmosphere.
♥ adjustable room size – wedding marquee will hide all your wedding guests, wedding buffet and dance floor. The size of the wedding marquee is adjustable to the company size, so less or more people come, there´s no problem to shelter them all.
♥ free space layout – another advantage of the wedding marquee is no interior obstacles, no pillars, unwanted room layout …We arrange the layout according to your wish. Do you prefer round tables? No problem. Do you wish whole group to be seated in one room together with the dance floor? Wedding marquee is ideal for you.
♥ open place – don´t you want to be closed in the space? Then roll the walls up and admire the surroundings.
♥ professional equipment – professional dance floor in a wedding marquee is much more comfortable and safe than dancing on an open space. Sounding and lighting of the marquee will create a comfortable surroundings in a summer night.
♥ cool it down or warm it up – in case of a tropical heat the air conditioning helps, when the night is cold, there is possibility to heat thewedding marquee.
♥ not only for summer time – ideal time for the party in a wedding marquee is summer, but thanks to air conditioning and heating it is possible to celebrate also spring and autumn wedding underneath this shelter.
♥ movable hall – wherever the space and the renter will allow, you may build your wedding marquee for a day or 2 – in the manor house area, at the castle court yard, in the garden, on a meadow or on a football playground.

Marquee wedding in destination Slovakia will be different but yours and you may feel

A princess for a day …

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