6 tips for planning a wedding in unplanned weather

When planning a wedding yourself, do not forget that in every case you should make a wet plan :). Here are 6 basic items, you should not forget anytime. Including these in your wedding plan your wedding day even in rain will be lovely and stressless.

Sobáš pod stanom

1. When planning a wedding remember umbrellas

It sounds easy, but most of people don´t think easy. Buy your white wedding umbrella soon.

2. Plan your wedding with extra transfer

Do you plan to arrive to the castle on a horse and carriage? Make the limo ready in case it rains and horse don´t ride.

3. Wedding under the roof – ideal wet plan

In every case plan your wedding party under the roof. Even if it should take place in the garden. Relying on a good weather sounds optimistic, but not realistic.

4. Meals service by outside wedding in rain

Still not enough if you think of Bride and guests. Think of meals serving at your rainy garden wedding too.

5. Heating – important item when planning a wedding in marquee

Marquee wedding in early spring or autumn period is wise to plan with heating.

6. Wedding photo shooting in rain alternatives

Make sure you have a spare place to take your wedding pictures even if it rains. Or maybe think of photo shooting on different than wedding day.