Planning a wedding


Planning a wedding in Slovakia doesn´t need to be difficult. If you know how to do it.

Wedding day is a big day for everybody involved and taking part on. Not only the Bride and Groom, also the families want to feel important and well looking. Therefore planning a wedding is an important task. Everything must be done properly, nor detail can be avoid and the schedule should clap on time.

In case you dream of the wedding abroad, planning a wedding is not an easy task to do overseas. Wedding planner is the solution of your sleepless nights and fairy-tail happy end. Don´t worry about the big things or details, just tell us your needs and demands, your wishes and ideas and live the moment. Planning a wedding over the e-mails and skype talks is easy and stress-less. Arrive just once before the day, visit the venue, try the menu, hair and make-up, see the hotels and other needy possibilities if you wish and then enjoy your wedding day in full. Pre-wedding trip is a perfect opportunity to check how the planning of your wedding works.

Advantages of professional wedding planning

All inclusive wedding planning helps you:

♥ avoid stress-full situations
♥ plan every detail
♥ not forget anything
♥ take care of you and your guests
♥ recommend the best alternatives
♥ live your day fully and happily

We help you to feel

A princess for a day…

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