Wedding planning as your Christmas time hobby

Before Christmas we mainly think of troubles like: How to manage all tasks at work, don´t miss the plane or train, or not to forget the presents…Who would even think of the next year summer or even later period? Moreover in connection with wedding planning.

Stress before Christmas is never ending fact but making a plan for free days is not a bad idea. Especially when you plan getting into wedding year afterwards. When you will smell Christmas tree, gingerbreads and other sweets or other specialities, except of watching Christmas fairy tales try to imagine plan of your wedding. Just before the day you will agree it was not so bad idea indeed 🙂 .


When to start planning your wedding?

If you haven´t commenced planning your next year wedding till now, it might be difficult for you to think of summer or autumn wedding in winter skiing time. But for sure, it will save you much stress. The sooner you start your planning, the more time you will have for the organisation of all details and preparing yourself just before the day.

Wedding shows period planning

Beginning of the year is traditionally the shows period. Here you can find many inspirations and trends in one place, under one roof and off-line. To tell the truth, relying only on wedding fair is not very rational. In January or later some venues may already be booked the same as the best vendors.

Christmas time wedding planning

If you live abroad and you were already forced into planning merry-go-round, during your Christmas at home you may check the wedding venues, venues for photo shooting or check the distances of planned transfers. In Christmas time rather don´t plan solving the documentation as offices might be closed. They also prefer spending holiday with their families the same as you are doing.


Last minute wedding planning – why not

If you plan wedding abroad, don´t rely on last minute planning too. Maybe it will be only elopement or small wedding, but as the distance and documents take more time abroad, it is better to plan time for planning as well. Don´t forget, wedding abroad is not a last minute holiday! And especially last minute documents may cause you problems or even no wedding.

Relying on other point – out of the main summer wedding season you organise it all in a few weeks time – is also false illusion. It could look like the months before and after summer holidays are calmer, but the contrary is the case. So if you plan your wedding on interesting venue, in special date or you dream of top chef or photographer, start with your planning as soon as possible.

If you have no idea where to start and how to handle it all together with your busy work, try Professional planner who helps you not only at the beginning but with whole planning process and even coordinate your wedding day. Planning a wedding when living abroad or a planning a wedding abroad is not a case of a few night time e-mails or skypes. It takes a lot of time for preparations and many personal meetings. If your wedding should really be fairy tale and you´d like to feel a princess for a day, don´t depreciate the planning. Even in Christmas time :).


I wish you beautiful holiday and comfortable planning of your wedding.