Wedding with children

10 tips for children on wedding

Remember baby details:

Baby friendly ceremony time

Not too soon and not too late. It could be a pretty problematic to adjust to every child on your wedding, but try to do some compromise.

Reception venue for wedding with kids

Historical castle sounds perfect to you, but children would prefer an open space garden to a closed museum with original paintings.

Wedding space for children

The smaller the man is, the bigger space he/she needs :).

Wedding Transfers for families with children

Out of civilisation location might be romantic, but don´t expect your best friend with a small baby to attend.

Wedding Accommodation for Children Guests

Check the facilities in short distance to your wedding ceremony venue. Ideal at the same place.

Children facilities on wedding party

High chairs, baby toilets, baby monitors, baby cot and other baby items would be very helpful.

Children Wedding menu

Gourmet menu for a wedding menu is a good choice for adults, not for children. Think of their age and preferences, consult with their parents and make the smalls happy too.

Wedding programme for children

Make them busy with special dance, drawings, books or photo making according to their age. They will remember your wedding much more than just watching the adults.

Children corner on wedding reception

Make a special corner with small furniture and toys for the smallest children. Will be on one place for a while and happy.

Baby sitting on wedding

If you want to spend your wedding with your friends, gift them a baby sitter. On place or even in a room, when children sleep. They will not be in stress and could enjoy the time with you as years ago.