Small wedding advantages

10 advantages of a small wedding

1. Small wedding saves your Money

Less guests or less arrangement help you to save your Money for other mutual activities.

2. Small wedding gives you more for yourself

What you save on guests, you can afford for yourselves.

3. Small wedding offers more options to choose from

Beginning with venues, continuing with accommodation and transfers, it is much easier to serve the smaller group than a huge one.

4. Small wedding is with and for guests

On your day you will have time and space for your guests. During the huge party Bride and Groom even don´t have an idea who is taking part on.

5. Small wedding group is easy to move

If you need to transfer the group from ceremony to reception venue, it is quicker with a few fans than a whole football stadium.

6. Less to plan for your wedding day

Small wedding usually needs less planning so can be done in a shorter time.

7. More comfortable wedding with a baby belly

If you are in an expectations period, less stress will help you much more than a big wedding.

8. Baby friendly small wedding

If you have a baby already, small wedding would be friendlier to you both. Also guests with small babies prefer smaller and more familiar parties to big non-personal events.

9. Less last minute changes for small wedding planning

The more invited guests, the more potential changes. Avoid this and invite only those who would really be happy to attend.

10. Small wedding from big one

If you planned big event, but circumstances has changed, don´t worry. Take the best from the moment and enjoy your wedding into the deepest detail. It is not about the group size, it´s about the atmosphere and proper people.