How to fit into your dreamed wedding gown?

10 tips how to loose weight before the wedding

1. No jojo effects needy

1 step forward, 2 backwards – forget quick weight loose methods.

2. Last minute Planning doesn´t work

Only if you plan a last minute wedding on your own :).

3. Avoid stress when planning a wedding

It makes your body have a feeling you still don´t have enough. Of sugar of course.

4. Regularity helps you to loose your weight before wedding

Make your rhythm in planning and eating.

5. No night fridge cleaning – not only before the wedding

Planning so hard that you don´t have time to eat only at night? Forget that.

6. Exercise before your wedding

It will help you to feel much better and if you start and get used to it, won´t want to stop.

7. Water yourself all the time

Drink rather than eat. If your stomach is full of water, does´t have space for meals :).

8. Smaller wedding dress size is not the solution

Nobody else knows your size except you, so don´t want to fit into the smaller one just because.

9. No starving on wedding day

Otherwise it helps you to be nervous, grumpy, grisly and even you can have some health problems. No worth having it all on your Big Day.

10. Too tight Wedding dress bodice – forget that!

No, no, forget that. You have to breath whichever size you are. And bodice has a very good advantage of accommodating your body before and after the reception meals :).

Didn´t work? No worries. Wedding is not about XXS Size. 🙂