How to choose your wedding ceremony venue?

9 things to think when finding a wedding venue

1. Wedding venue capacity

Everybody wants to see the Bride. Make sure they will.

2. Distance from wedding reception venue

Travelling up and down whole day through is not an ideal wedding programme. Think of it too.

3. Access for wedding guests

If you want guests to come, choose the venue they can reach easily.

4. Wedding ceremony time

Take into consideration when planning your day schedule. Too soon or too late is not good for anybody.

5. Wedding venue accessibility any time of year

Planning a winter wedding on the top of a mountain sounds romantic, but will you get there also in a half meter snow drifts?

6. Transfer for wedding guests needed

If you want to help guests to get there and back, arrange a transfer option for them to make sure more of them will come with no hassle.

7. Weather dependent wedding venue

Make the B plan to be ready for unexpected and not-wanted weather conditions. It makes you sleep better even by the ugly forecast.

8. Venue facilities for wedding

Ceremony venue also needs some inventor on top – ceremony bow, benches, carpet to altar, sounding, music…If not on place, arrange it.

9. Wedding ceremony programme options

If you dream of something more than just a brief official ceremony, ask for the programme on place. String quartet, harp, poetry or singer can make your wedding special.