What to focus on when choosing a wedding venue

14 tips to concider when choosing a wedding venue

1. Wedding venue capacity

How large is the hall and surroundings (garden, dance floor, seating room…).

2. Distance from ceremony venue

Smaller distance or under one roof option is ideal.

3. Wedding accommodation possibilities and their distance

In case you need to accommodate your guests.

4. Access for wedding guests

Avoid super romantic venues in non-accessible parts of the world.

5. Wedding venue accessibility whole year through

Getting into mountains in winter snow calamity might be a problem. Think of it in advance.

6. Weather dependent wedding venue

Planning a garden wedding in autumn or early spring period in our latitude is not very good idea.

7. Wedding transfer for guests

Try to eliminate them as transfers cut the party and rise your budget.

8. Wedding reception facilities

Historical castle might look great but check its´ background as well. It can rise your budget if you want to make your wedding comfortable.

9. Venue possibilities and limits for wedding event

Check them to be sure what you can and what you can´t on your wedding party.

10. Management and personnel of the wedding venue

Should be professional and nice to you and your wedding guests. Check them at the beginning.

11. Booking your wedding venue

Book your special date and venue in advance. If you prefer some special place or date, try even 1 year and more sooner.

12. Communication options to make your wedding planning easier

Unfortunately, even today not every place and space is online and communicates in your time and your language. Check it too.

13. Wedding venue visiting options

Good idea is to see the venue with somebody else than owner but who still knows it. Try a wedding planner 🙂 – can see the needy details.

14. Your wedding budget requirements

Set your financial limits before you start to dream and take into consideration all mentioned items that might rise it to know what you can expect.