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Wedding vows – where to begin

No idea how to organise your wedding vows from abroad?

No time to deal with the vendors?

No will to travel up and down for more times?

No worries about the details. We help you with planning your wedding vows in Slovakia from the very beginning till your Honeymoon. The most important is to know you want it.

If you´ve decided you need help, the best way to start is to contact us and write your ideas and needs. Here you can find some initial information that helps you to start planning your wedding vows. We help you to prepare a plan, follow it step by step and get to the successful finish of your vows easily and stress free.

Wedding vows step by step

We´ll be glad to:

♥ Explain How it Works – we describe whole wedding planning in detail for you to know how your vows will come true.
♥ Help with Legal Documents – we recommend the legalities, legalisation process, offices to visit, organise translations and interpreting for your wedding vows documents.
♥ Show everything on Pre-Wedding Trip – visit Slovakia only once before your wedding vows and see the venues, try the menu, hair style and make up, meet the needy suppliers and visit offices to finish the documents in time. Everything organised and accompanied by your wedding coordinator.
♥ Recommend how to marry a foreigner – there are many specifications in every country. When marrying a foreigner in Slovakia we navigate you and help with translations and interpreting needy.
♥ Answer not only FAQs
♥ Will continue in planning and organising in range you prefer

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