10 tips how to be relaxed Bride?

How to remember every detail of your wedding?

How to handle never-ending wedding guest changes?

How to meet wishes of everyone and still be happy Bride?

And after it all, how to have an energy to celebrate your wedding day?


1. Even in Bride possition have realistic expectations

If you start last minute planning or just come up with st. one day before, don´t expect it will be done perfect. Just take it easy.

2. Don´t make last minute wedding decisions

Don´t leave things to be done by themselves and just last week. If it happens, take a paper and pen, write it all down, set priorities and the rest just let be.

3. Everything possible do in advance the wedding

Don´t leave anything important for the Big Day. If possible, don´t leave anything at all. Leave this day just for you two to enjoy it all.

4. Solve only necessary problems on wedding place

Do just what you really need to do as a Bride. The rest leave for competent people. Nobody expects you to answer the phone during your ceremony.

5. Treat your wedding guests as adult people

If they got the information they need, it´s up to them to be on proper place in time.

6. Don´t even try to meet everybodys´ wishes

The more people, the more wants and needs. But your wedding day is about your dreams, not about dreams of the others. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. Others will follow you.

7. Think wedding positive

Don´t even think of what could fail. Think positive otherwise you get mad before your wedding comes real.

8. Don´t do everything yourself – you are the Bride

Delegate your tasks. Therefore you have Bridesmaids, friends, sister or Brother…They´ll be more than happy to assist and you´ll have time to party.

9. As a Bride afford to relax

If it´s too much happening around your wedding, try to relax for a while. You need it more than ever. Not to become a Bridezilla :).

10. Enjoy your wedding in whole 

Whatever it goes for, it´s your day, so enjoy it and don´t let anybody to spoilt it.

Happy planning and partying 🙂