Looking for a wedding photographer?


Planning your wedding is about the big things and details at the same time. When you already think you´ve got it all done, don´t forget to think about how you will document it all. Because meals will be eaten, wine will be drink, the only think that will last from your Big Day are wedding pictures. Think of it even in stage of wedding planning and take time to choose the wedding photographer properly. Pokračovať v čítaní „Looking for a wedding photographer?“

How to choose delicious wedding menu?

Svadobné menu - syrová misa

Seasonal ingredients for fresh wedding menu

Use what season gives. It helps to avoid the lack of ingredients and creates healthy meals easy to consume in this time of year.

Light food as wedding menu alternative

Rather then fill guests to top with the 1st served meal, make your choice lighter, more fresh and still well looking.

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