Looking for a wedding photographer?

Planning your wedding is about the big things and details at the same time. When you already think you´ve got it all done, don´t forget to think about how you will document it all. Because meals will be eaten, wine will be drink, the only think that will last from your Big Day are wedding pictures. Think of it even in stage of wedding planning and take time to choose the wedding photographer properly. (viac…)

10 tips how to be relaxed Bride?

How to remember every detail of your wedding?

How to handle never-ending wedding guest changes?

How to meet wishes of everyone and still be happy Bride?

And after it all, how to have an energy to celebrate your wedding day?


How to choose delicious wedding menu?

Seasonal ingredients for fresh wedding menu

Use what season gives. It helps to avoid the lack of ingredients and creates healthy meals easy to consume in this time of year.

Light food as wedding menu alternative

Rather then fill guests to top with the 1st served meal, make your choice lighter, more fresh and still well looking.


Christmas Wedding

Last but not least holiday of the year belongs to the most beautiful from all (of course except your wedding :) but that is the one and only). We think of Christmas trees, how to make stress more sweet, how to decorate our homes or even Christmas wedding. As decisions are not always easy, we collected ideas and tips how to decorate and sweeten this years´ Christmas. Or Christmas wedding. (viac…)

Wedding with children

10 tips for children on wedding

Remember baby details:

Baby friendly ceremony time

Not too soon and not too late. It could be a pretty problematic to adjust to every child on your wedding, but try to do some compromise.

Reception venue for wedding with kids

Historical castle sounds perfect to you, but children would prefer an open space garden to a closed museum with original paintings. (viac…)

Small wedding advantages

10 advantages of a small wedding

1. Small wedding saves your Money

Less guests or less arrangement help you to save your Money for other mutual activities.

2. Small wedding gives you more for yourself

What you save on guests, you can afford for yourselves.


How to fit into your dreamed wedding gown?

10 tips how to loose weight before the wedding

1. No jojo effects needy

1 step forward, 2 backwards – forget quick weight loose methods.

2. Last minute Planning doesn´t work

Only if you plan a last minute wedding on your own :).



Eva & Vijay

Hindu-Slovak wedding in Bojnice 17th Ju

Juliana & John

Wedding at Bojnice castle 27th of May 2